Who am I working with at OSR?

Coming into any clinic, a good question is “what are your credentials?” Sometimes, you might see an email from your provider and wonder, “what do those letters after his/her name stand for?” Here’s some insight into the letters you see behind names at OSR Physical Therapy.

We have three types of providers: Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Personal Training/Fitness. Many of our providers have credentials in more than one of these areas. Often providers list only their highest credential for their degree, as well as any advanced certification.

For example, a Physical Therapist that has both a Masters, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy will only list the Doctorate.

Here are the letters and meanings for our Physical Therapy providers:

  • DPT–Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • MPT (or MSPT)–Masters of Physical Therapy
  • PTA–Physical Therapy Assistant
  • CIMT–Certified Integrated Manual Therapist

Our Physical Therapists work primarily in the clinic. We work with many insurance companies, as well as having cash pay options.

Here are the letters and meanings for our Athletic Trainers:

  • ATR–Registered Athletic Trainer
  • ATC–Certified Athletic Trainer

All of OSR’s providers that actively practice in the field of Athletic Training are both Certified and Registered. Our Athletic Trainers work on site at several sports clubs and dance studios, at the sidelines of many games, and in the clinic.

Here are the letters and meanings for our Fitness Providers:

  • ACSM HFS–American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Specialist
  • NASM CPT–National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • CES–Corrective Exercise Specialist (via National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • PES–Performance Enhancement Specialist (via National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • BB Pilates Certified–Comprehensive Studio Pilates Certification from Balanced Body, which is part of the Pilates Method Alliance

All of OSR’s fitness providers have a CPT, CES, PES, and are metabolic technicians. This allows them to work with a broad range of individuals from post-rehab, to weight loss and general fitness, to high level athletes. Our fitness services are cash pay, and may be reimbursable through your HSA. You should contact your HSA provider to discuss your specific account and circumstances.

OSR’s providers work as a team inside and outside of the clinic to help you achieve the best outcomes possible on the broad spectrum from on field injury, to clinical rehabilitation of injury, to health/wellness, and return to sport performance. Have a question about these degrees and certifications? Want to know more about the education that goes into a specific credential? Just ask by leaving us a reply! We’d be happy to answer your questions.