5 Things To Know About The Graston Technique

Imagine waking up every morning in pain because of an injury or surgery. You’ve tried all the traditional methods of recovery, but nothing seems to working as well as you hoped. During the day, you find it hard to move and it’s starting to affect your everyday living. Finally, your physical therapist talks to you about a new technique called the Graston Technique and you begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel for living pain-free.

1. The Graston Technique Will Help You Live Pain-Free. 

The Graston Technique uses specially-designed steel instruments to treat areas on the body that are in pain due to soft tissue fibrosis or inflammation.  The technique is a form of soft tissue mobilization and has been proven to decrease treatment time as well as help quicken the recovery from an injury or surgery.

2. It Uses A Weird Looking Instrument Proven To Work.

The instrument used is designed specifically for the curves of the body, effectively targeting the problem areas. Physical therapists who have been trained in the Graston Technique use the stainless steel instrument to press over the painful area. It helps in identifying the precise problem area so as to better target the treatment program. When used with an individualized physical therapy program, the Graston Technique will effectively help you return to a pain-free life.

 3. It’s Effective For Anyone In Pain.

 Athletes trying to recover quickly from a sports-related injury would benefit greatly from the Graston Technique. Both physical therapists and athletic trainers can use the instrument to facilitate a fast and full recovery. Many sports organizations employ clinicians that are specially trained in the Graston Technique – from colleges like the University of Minnesota to professional organizations like the Vikings and even the Boston Ballet. However, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from the technique as it’s been proven to work as a post-surgery therapy as well as work on any chronic inflammation such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

4. The Graston Technique Is Not Used Alone.

This form of manual therapy is most effective when used as part of an overall therapy program. Your physical therapist may use the technique if they think you would benefit greatly from it or if they’ve determined that it will greatly reduce your recovery time. It’s important to always listen to your physical therapist’s expertise when it comes to your individualized program as they will use what’s best for your rehabilitation.

5. It’s Effective 75-90% Of The Time.

Being intensely researched, the Graston Technique has been proven to be effective 75-90% of the time to treat many different conditions. Not only does it help restore function and movement to painful areas, but it can help is reducing chronic injuries and the recovery time following surgery. From marathon runners to those suffering from Carpal Tunnel, the Graston Technique is an effective addition to a comprehensive physical therapy program.

OSR Physical Therapy Offers The Graston Technique.

At OSR Physical Therapy, we offer individualized, exercise-based physical therapy programs. We also have physical therapists and athletic trainers that are trained in supplemental rehabilitation, such as the Graston Technique. Talk to one of our clinics or your current OSR physical therapist if you’re interested in learning more about a supplemental program.