6 Signs You Need To Take A Rest Day

We all come to that point where fatigue sets in with a wonder over whether you need a rest day or simply to push on through the tiredness.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether you need a rest day or simply to push on through the tiredness.

When life hits you hard, it’s difficult to know the reason for your fatigue. It could be the sleepless nights, the long days at work, your new training program, or the stresses of everyday living. It’s even more difficult to know whether you’re insomnia and stress is caused by life or overtraining. So how do you know when you should take a rest day or power through the fatigue?

1. You’re Tired After 5 Minutes Of Exercise

Despite starting a new training program – which may bring with it tougher challenges – you have a problem if you can’t make it through the first five minutes. This problem may be that you’re pushing yourself too hard or that you’re just ready for the level of training you’ve begun. It could also mean that you just simply need to take it easy and take a rest day.

2. You’ve Reached A Plateau

If you’re training has reached a plateau, you’re probably in need of a break. It could be that you need to change your training, or that you should take a rest day. Stagnation, like fatigue, is a good indication that change is needed – whether it’s rest or a new program.

3. Your Usual Workouts Are Harder Than Usual

If that 10-pound dumbbell that is usually manageable now feels like a hundred pounds, it may be time to step out of the gym. When workout routines, easy runs, and usual weights and exercises are harder than usual, it’s a good indication that you need a rest.

4. You’ve Hit The Snooze Button More Than Twice

If you’re hitting the snooze button more than twice and still finding it hard to get up in the morning, it’s time to rethink your training. It may be that you’re simply not getting enough sleep, in which case you should focus on better sleeping habits. However, if you haven’t changed your sleeping schedule and you’re finding it difficult to get up in the morning, you could be stretching yourself too thin.

5. You’re Beginning To Dread Your Workouts

Yes, sometimes we all hate our training days. However, if you find yourself hating every workout, every practice, and every run and you’re dreading your day, it’s a good indication to take it easy. Fatigue and stagnation can cause frustration, which can lead to dread. Taking a rest day may be the solution to the problem.

6. Everything Hurts – Even After A Rest Day

Changing up a training routine always brings a certain amount of pain and soreness. After all, as the old adage goes, no pain no gain. However, it becomes a concern when that soreness lingers and turns from a minor nuisance to actual hurting regardless of movement. Not only should you take a rest day, but you should also seek advice from your coach, athletic or personal trainer, or physical therapist.