Top Workplace Injuries

Every year, about 3 million Americans report an injury while working. Here are the top workplace injuries doctors see from people on the job.

Every year, about 3 million Americans report and seek help for workplace injuries.

Every year, about 3 million Americans report an injury while working on the job. These workplace injuries vary by type, from occupation to occupation, as well as how they occur. Whether you’re in a desk job or do hard physical labor, there is always a risk of getting injured while at work. Many times, these injuries are so minor that hardly any time is missed from work. However, sometimes they are serious – so serious that you could be out for days and even months. From minor to serious injuries and from foot aches to slipped discs, these conditions top the list of workplace injuries.

1. Repetitive Motion Injuries

Even if you have a desk job, you’re not immune from getting an injury while at work. In fact, repetitive motion injuries are the most common among office workers. Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are just two workplace injuries that are common for those people who work on computers all day. Not taking adequate breaks can lead to pain in the fingers and wrists, resulting in tendonitis, carpel tunnel, and even arthritis.

2. Strains And Sprains

Common among office workers as well as those in physical labor, strains, and sprains account for many of the thousands of visits to physical therapy clinics and doctors’ offices. Back pain is particularly common in many people, whether lifting heavy boxes all day or sitting at your desk. Strains and sprains are the results of improper form while moving or sitting. From lifting something heavy the wrong way to sitting at a wrong angle, you can strain your neck, back, and shoulders.

3. Acute Injuries

Probably the most common injuries to be seen in emergency rooms are those that happen from traumatic accidents. From falling off a stool or higher to slipping on oil, traumatic injuries can take be completely debilitating until healed. Concussions, torn ligaments, and broken and crushed bones can lead to permanent disability. Between 30 and 40% of all non-fatal cases involving a workplace injury were caused by a slip, trip, or fall or while handling, carrying, or lifting an object, regardless of weight.

How To Recover From Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can happen anywhere to anyone and at any time. Whether you have a desk job or work with heavy machinery in a warehouse, accidents happen regardless of caution. You can prevent some injuries, such as strains and repetitive motion injuries. By having the right posture and getting ergonomic help, you can reduce your risk of many injuries. Once injured, however, a full and quick recovery is the only way to get back to work. Physical therapy is a better alternative than surgery in most cases. It can get you back to your job in the shortest amount of time possible. If you’ve ever had an injury from work, contact a physical therapist today to see how they can help you live pain-free today.