5 Injuries That Don’t Have To End In Surgery


Did you ever injure yourself, only to worry about needing surgery? This is on the mind of many people who are in pain. Surgery is serious and means a longer road to recovery.

But what if there was a way to avoid surgery altogether?

Although surgery is sometimes required, there are many times when you can recover without it. Physical therapy has been proven to be a good alternative to surgery. It’s even the first recommendation before surgery for many non-traumatic injuries.

1. Knee Injuries

From torn ACLs to chronic knee pain, you can avoid many knee injuries with a proper rehabilitation program. In fact, surgery should be held only as a last resort if the injury is serious. Such conditions as chronic knee pain, meniscus dysfunction, and torn ligaments and tendons can all be healed with physical and manual therapy. With rest and proper exercises, the knee can heal quickly and stronger than before the injury. Both physical therapy and manual therapy will work to strengthen the knee and reduce pain and inflammation. This will help any injury heal fully and more quickly than surgery.

 2. Shoulder Injuries

Whether you hurt your shoulder playing a sport or during an accident, there are ways to avoid surgery. Many studies are showing that physical therapy is just as effective surgery. Manual therapy, such as the Graston Technique, is also an effective means of treating the shoulder. Physical therapists can help treat common shoulder problems such as tendonitis in the rotator cuff and biceps, bursitis, and frozen shoulder. With adequate rest and physical or manual therapy, you will be pain free and have improved range of motion.

 3. Back Injuries

Back pain is a common problem for many people. Many people live with back pain needlessly and seek out a doctor to recommend surgery. They also may seek out a chiropractor to help ease pain. However, physical therapy can help treat back pain in most cases and help you avoid surgery. Physical therapists will evaluate you to identify the cause and isolate the problem area. They will also develop a program specifically for you that will help in treating the pain.

4. Foot injuries

Foot pain is common for people who spend all day on their feet or engage in running and jumping sports. Physical therapists can help minimize the need for surgery through working with a targeted approach to heal the feet. Furthermore, manual therapy can help relax the muscles in the foot so that tension is released and the foot can heal properly.

5. Hip injuries

Hip injuries are quite painful and can be the result of underlying issues – back pain, pelvic pain, and even knee and foot pain. From pain caused by pregnancy to sports-related injuries, physical therapy can help relieve that pain and eliminate the need for surgery. Physical therapists work with a targeted approach to hip pain. They also ensure that the pain is not coming from an underlying issue in the back, knees, or feet. They work to diagnose the cause of the pain to help you get back to living a pain-free life.

OSR Is Here To Help

Whether you’re injury is sports-related, accident-related, or you’re just looking to be pain-free, OSR physical therapists can help you recover fully. If you’re injury isn’t serious enough for surgery, why do it? Seek out OSR Physical Therapy today to avoid surgery and live pain-free.