Patient Success Story: Recovering From A Concussion

When Nancy was involved in an accident that resulted in a head injury, she had no idea that physical therapy would help her. In fact, she had no idea that physical therapy could treat concussions at all. After being recommended to simply rest and take time off from work, she was seeing no improvement.

She started to wonder whether she would ever recover from her concussion. Even more, she started to wonder if she would ever return back to work. However, within a few sessions of physical therapy, she started seeing a difference.

“I was starting to get frustrated.”

After seeing little to no improvement of her symptoms, Nancy started searching for other recovery methods.

“I couldn’t go back to work and was getting frustrated,” Nancy says in regards to her path back to recovery. “I was recommended to seek physical therapy and up until that point I didn’t even know that physical therapy could treat concussions.”

Many people who have suffered concussions have had the same frustrations. Up until recently, strict rest was recommended to treat concussions. However, doctors are seeing more benefits to activity after a concussion. Now, they are even recommending certain activities for recovery, especially physical therapy.

Nancy’s successful journey to recovery is proof of the benefits of physical therapy.

“I’ve seen remarkable improvement,” says Nancy. “I’m back full-time at work now.”

A Journey to Recovery

It didn’t take long for Nancy to start seeing improvement. It took just a couple of sessions with specific exercises targeted towards her symptoms.

“It took a couple of sessions to see improvement, but I could definitely tell after the first session that it was doing things to help me get better,” Nancy says. “I noticed that the dizziness and the lightheadedness was getting less. The exercises the physical therapist had me doing, I could tell were focusing on what I needed to be working on.”

The initial assessment took only 20 minutes. Her eye coordination was assessed and exercises were given targeted her eyes. Part of the reason why she saw improvement was because she could do the exercises in the clinic and at home. Exercises such as eye strengthening and focusing – looking near and far, and concentrating and following something that moving – were given right away. However, the first session consisted of feeling everything out, Nancy says.

“Seeing how many reps I could do before it increased symptoms and seeing how far I could do things is what they did for an initial gage to go off of for the next sessions,” she said. “We started with a base and kept adding.”

“OSR provided me focus.”

Nancy has remained committed to her physical therapy since she walked in the door at OSR. Even though she didn’t know physical therapy could help, she was excited to see the results of going.

“Physical therapy is a definite commitment,” she says. “But when you see the results, it’s definitely easier to come.”

OSR has provided her the focus she needed for recovery and with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. This has all contributed to her quick recovery, she said.

“The best thing about OSR is the relaxed atmosphere and yet still very professional. It helps me get more out of it. I can just come in and focus on what I need to do,” Nancy says. “I never feel uncomfortable.”

The physical therapists at OSR are eager to provide the same level of attention to get you back on the road to recovery with any injury or condition, not just concussions. Contact one of our offices today for an initial free consultation.