5 Physical Therapy Myths Debunked

There are many misconceptions about physical therapy. Most people don’t even think physical therapy will benefit them. Well, we’re here to debunk the five most common myths about physical therapy.

1. It’s For The Injured And Those Involved In Accidents.

People oftentimes seek physical therapy for injury rehabilitation. However, this is only one of many benefits. In fact, physical therapists do more than just work on injuries. They work to stretch and strengthen any area of the body that’s in pain. Both physical therapists and athletic trainers also work on injury prevention and getting you in the best shape of your life.

2. It’s For Athletes Only.

Yes, athletes are usually the ones in physical therapy, but it offers benefits to anyone. Whether an avid runner, simply physically active, or just looking to get out of pain, physical therapy can help you achieve your goals. It will help you strengthen your body and help prevent injuries. It’s also beneficial to anyone who’s been involved in an accident.

3. I Don’t Need Physical Therapy – I Can Live With The Pain.

Some people do have a higher pain tolerance than others. However, even the slightest pain can cause lifelong problems. Whether your pain has been lingering for a while, or you’re in pain because of an injury, physical therapy will help you recover quickly and fully. It’s especially important to begin physical therapy when you first start noticing pain or get an injury. It’s easier for physical therapists to diagnose the cause and target therapy to help you recover quicker.

 4. I Need Surgery First, Then Physical Therapy.

Sometimes you do need surgery, especially if it’s a traumatic injury. However, in most cases, surgery can be avoided with physical therapy. In fact, studies have shown that physical therapy can be just as effective as surgery for such injuries as rotator cuff tears, knee injuries, and back pain. Physical therapy can help your recover quickly, and in some cases even quicker than having surgery.

5. Physical Therapy Takes Too Long.

Of course, any recovery takes time as injuries take a while to heal. However, studies show that physical therapy can help lessen the recovery time of an injury and even get you back in better shape. Furthermore, it can help you strengthen your muscles to avoid injury in the future. However, as with any treatment, you need time and patience. Dedication and commitment will also not only help lessen the recovery time, but help you recover more fully.

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