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How Strengthening Exercises Help Prevent Injuries

Unloading Stress Helps Prevent Injuries One of the major causes of injuries is overtaxing and overworking muscles. Even the fittest athletes can end up injured due to overworking a particular muscle. This isn’t always due to overtraining either. Many times it can be due to undertraining, improper training, or – more precisely – not strengthening […]

5 Aging Myths That Physical Therapy Busts

Growing older is always something we’re trying to prolong. Like trying to prevent summer from turning to fall and heading to winter, we helplessly look for ways to prolong the inevitable. From simple things like taking daily vitamins and exercising to taking it to the extreme with surgery, many of us look to science and […]

How to Stay Injury-Free During Different Training Types

When we think about exercise, we often picture ourselves doing high-intensity workouts that make us want to collapse to the floor after we’re done. Long-distance running, sprinting, strenuous biking, kickboxing – if it makes you drip with sweat, that’s the workout you want to do, or so you may think. However, aerobic exercise is only […]

These Are The Best Exercises for Your Heart

The heart is like any muscle in the body, needing to be strengthened through physical activity to function at its best. Even if you have a heart condition, the American Heart Association still recommends physical activity to help recover and decrease symptoms. Just like certain kinds of physical activity – called physical therapy – will […]