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3 Hidden Swimming Injuries to be Aware Of!

Swimming is an incredibly physically demanding sport. Yet, it’s also a great way to cross-train and have an active recovery day. It’s low-impact, which makes it ideal for people recovering from an injury. However, despite its low impact, you’re still at risk of injuring yourself while swimming. Most people – competitive and recreational swimmers alike […]

4 Common Swimming Injuries That Can be Prevented

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than a million recreational and competitive swimmers in the US. With over 300 million visits each year, it’s a popular competitive sport as well as recreational activity. So popular that it ranks fourth in the United States and is even the most popular activity […]

Comeback Athlete: Swimmer Beats Back Hip Injury

When you think of swimming, you don’t typically think of the role hips play. Granted, pain in the lower extremities, such as a hip injury, caused by swimming is quite uncommon in the sport. However, the hips and legs play a crucial role in swimming biomechanics and pain can make it difficult to swim correctly. […]