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6 Busted Myths About Concussions

How often do you find yourself searching on the Internet for medical information? A lot? You’re not alone, as witnessed by the rise of such sites as Web MD that seem to have all the answers to every medical problem. And, even if most of the information is reliable, a lot goes unsaid and is […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Is Crucial In Concussion Recovery

For years, parents were told to keep their children awake after sustaining a suspected concussion. This was due to a lack of knowledge on life-threatening brain bleeds, which can now be detected by a CT scan. Furthermore, less than 0.1% of concussions result in brain bleeds. Most head injuries for children, teens, and athletes are […]

Comeback Athlete: Concussion Recovery

When you mention concussion or brain injury, many people automatically think of football and contact sports. Indeed, they’d be right to think that contact sports present a high risk of brain injury; after all, the NFL controversy has brought the issue into the spotlight in the past few years. Furthermore, the NFL has been at […]