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Pelvic Physical Therapy: What To Expect

Nobody likes to admit it when they have a problem, especially when that problem is affecting their everyday life. Furthermore, it’s even more difficult to recognize a problem when it involves the pelvic area. Pelvic problems are common, yet they are not normal. There are ways to treat pelvic problems without invasive surgery or medication. […]

Living More Comfortably With Pelvic Problems

Let’s make this clear: You are not alone when it comes to pelvic problems. Pelvic disorders are difficult to live with, uncomfortable, and even painful. It’ll make you want to avoid certain activities or stay near a bathroom. It’s perhaps even more uncomfortable to talk about pelvic problems – even with your doctor. However, you […]

Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy

Pelvic health is not something that many women actively think about regularly. Maintaining fitness, mind, body, and emotions usually take up the priority list when it comes to overall health. About the only time pelvic health is discussed is during the once-a-year annual check-ups with your OB doctor. However, as a woman, your pelvic health […]